Bryan came by today and did a lot of jobs with great knowledge, ease and experience. He was absolutely awesome and a pleasure to have around. Very friendly, polite and always smiling. Bryan’s work is perfect and a great price too! I would definitely 100 percent ask him to work for us again!!! Thanks so much Bryan, you ROCK!
Natalie, Los Angeles
Bryan IS the MAN you want to work for you! Bryan always goes over and beyond to do it right. The work is top notch and he is always on the job when he says he will be, and does a professional job everytime, high quality and I have never had to call in a replacement. No one can take his place.He is a clean cut, wholesome, polite ,a skip in his step kinda guy, can’t say enough. I will absolutely call him again and again!
Debra, Burbank
Did great work for my wife and I. We needed a lot done quick! Not only did he get it done when we needed it to be but it was top grade work. Very pleased with all my air conditioners and windows that were installed! Definitely will use again!
Garrett, Sherman Oaks
We use Bryan for alllllll of our household maintenance. There’s no job too small. Interior, exterior, he does it all. Everything he has built or repaired in our home is finished with the highest quality. I also use him for my interior design projects. Trustworthy, positive attitude, the BEST. We’d be lost without him!
Kendra, Los Feliz
Got Bryan to do all the little jobs that add up and never get done i.e. shelves, regrout tub, baseboards and door trim, pulls on my vintage kitchen sink cabinet and more. Organized, efficient, and has all the right tools. Highly recommended!
I trust Bryan with the keys to my 6 unit apartment building and my house. He speaks perfect English, is nice and respectful, honest and my tenants love him.
Justin, Echo Park